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Most effective daily moisturizer for trouble skin

1. Contains centellia asiatica 4x, a high purity element, made by compressing asiatic

pennywort 30x allowing a strong cica care.
2. dilutes the asiatic pennywort to give a clear effect on the skin. It is not a liquid extract,
but a high-purity refined powder.
3. Centella asiatica main ingredients are Madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiaicoside,
Asiatic acid helps with the problematic areas.
4. Contains bija oil and D-Panthenol, that is good for protecting skin to make strong healthy skin.
5. Raised the amount of natural ingredients and removed the ingredients that
may be harmful to deliver mild effect of cica care to skin.
6. Does not cause pimples, or worsen, Completed Non- komenogenetic test so it’s safe to use
with skins troubled with break outs.
7. Gel type Blam applies on skin lightly, abosorbs quickly so it is not a burden to
use in the morning so it is a daily cica care. 


Suggested use:
1. Before cream applying stage spread it evenly all over the face to absorb it.
2. When using the spot: Apply it to the troubled area like a dome.
3. Please do a small spot skin reaction test before using it in other areas of skin.

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