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·        Improved whitening wrinkles Dual Functional Cosmetics - Anti-aging eye cream applied to the face with quick absorbency and thermosensitive polymer technology

·        Micro-emulsion biosensor system, a proprietary technology that absorbs components deep into the skin

·        Proprietary Ingredient Patented peptide 'Aquatide (hepta sodium hexacarboxymethyldipeptide-12)'

·        Anti-aging test to demonstrate the effectiveness of anti-aging - Helps to constantly improve, help improve dandruff anti-aging, relieve fatigue due to reduced skin elasticity, help improve quadruple pore, cumulative moisturizing effect, multiple aging solutions

·        Microemulsion biosensor system - All active ingredients are encapsulated into fine particles through three steps, releasing the active ingredient deep into the skin to enhance the anti-aging effect

·        19 aquatide peptides: Aquaide, the peptide ingredient that helps antioxidants and elasticity, and the remaining 18 species help improve elasticity.

·        Contains plant-derived ingredients - Extracts from plant extracts such as edelweise callus extracts and callus extracts help to balance the oil content.

·        Biotics Water (Lactobacillus, milk fermentation filtrate) - Helps to moisturize and help maintain healthy skin Completion of human body test - Improvement of wrinkle moisturization in the eyes, Improvement of moisturizing on the forehead, Improvement of moisture in mouth, Improvement of skin moisturization, Improvement of moisture loss


  • 30ml

Suggested Use:

1. Eye Treatment
- After making the skin texture with toner, take out the proper amount of this product and gently spread it while gently patting it on the eye area.

2. Facial Treatment
- Special Nutrition Care: At the last step of skin care, it absorbs enough amount and spreads evenly over the entire face. For coarse skin with severe dryness, apply this product well, wrap it, remove the lap after 10 to 20 minutes, and gently rub and absorb the remaining cream.

- Calm care: Apply to soothe sensitive skin. After careful management, please apply this product. Especially, when you spread your hair all over your body and sleep well, it helps you to get healthy and smooth skin.

3.Facial Massage Care
- One or two times a week Apply Aroma Essential Oil and this product to the whole face and apply Massage to help facial care.

Active ingredients:

Peptide Ingredients, Dansam Root Extract, Rice Extract etc.

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