U:RE SKIN - Anti-Blue Light Mist 50ml + 100ml Refill

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Tags: Exposed to heat, dryness, Retouching your makeup


U:RE Skin Anti-Blue Light Mist 50ml + 100ml Refill

As we are exposed to more and more blue light from working on computers and mobile phones, the regular sunscreen that protects us against UV light is not sufficient.  U:RE Skin Anti-Blue Light Mist will have your skin glowing with instant hydration while providing protection from blue LED lighting, sun, indoor lightings, computers, and mobile phones.


Contains Beta-glucan, an antioxidant and skin soothing agent, it helps reduce skin redness, irritation or sensitive skin.  It also contains U:RE powerful combination of natural Zeolite, Eggplant Extract and Tea Tree.  It’s Hypoallergenic and lightweight that’s suitable for all skin types. 


Anti-Blue light mist keeps our skin hydrated from Blue Light.  The bottle dispenses ultra-fine mist that distributes evenly and easily on the face.  It’s non-oily, it helps give the face a matte finish. The light lavender scent helps to soothe, calm your skin, refreshes quickly, and provides hydration and protection throughout the day.


50ml + 100ml refill

Suggested Use:

Provides solutions for skin exposed to heat, dryness, and retouching your makeup.

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