Centella green level calming toner

What is it ?

  • A toner

Uses :

  • It is used to balance the ph after cleansing
  • Restores damage skin
  • Help reduce redness
  • Deeply hydrates the skin

Who can use this :

  • Dehydrated, dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Acne prone skin

A superstar for people with sensitive dry acne prone skin and even for people with dehydrated skin . It contains 10 % of centella asciatica and hyaluronic acid which helps dry and rough skin to be soothed and calm and be moisturize Deeply. It  helps minimize dry skin inside out, it is super Hydrating and have a ph of 5.5 which is ideal in maintaining skin barrier. The texture of this toner is thick which can be easily layered up, dehydrated people can easily use this for 7 skins method. Skin feels Hydrated and smooth after one week (day and night) use. Your skin will be so much thankful to you after being so soft. The star ingredient in it centella will help calm acne down, also contains hyaluronic acid which helps draws moisture in to the skin to maintain moisture barrier. This toner reduces skin irritations and soothe stressed Skin . It a super star for people with sensitive dry dull skin, the great blend of ingredients in it make it a must have for every one. It is formulated without any unnecessary, potentially irritating ingredients including preservatives. The thing which is important after cleansing is to balance the skin down to maintain healthy ph, So the ph is very important to protect your skin from damage, this toner provides all what you need, balance the skin ph with its soothing and effective ingredients, protects skin from any damage. It will help absorb all the upcoming layers of serums, oils moisturizers long story short what else anyone need rather than this, a green bottle full of heavily beneficial ingredients is a must try for sensitive, dry, dehydrated even acne prone people.