Brighten up your Complexion

We know what you are thinking! They’re called whitening products so they must have bleaching agents, skin thinning agents, and all those harmful ingredients that keep you away from the notorious fairness creams.

Let us put your fears to rest by sharing some fun facts by Korean Cosmetics in Pakistan

Fact # 1: Koreans use the word whitening but what they really mean is, brightening

Fact # 3: Korean skincare industry is perhaps the biggest advocate of using natural and gentle ingredients in their products

Rest assured, Korean Cosmetics Specially Korean skincare brands never use harmful chemical agents to lighten or alter natural skin tone. What they use is plant extracts, vitamins, and some magic ingredients that fade the dark spots, correct uneven skin tone, and brings back your naturally flawless complexion! 

With that out of the way, allow us to share our top favorite whitening creams:

•    TONYMOLY - Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream – Korean Cosmetics in Pakistan

Those who are longstanding fans of Korean skincare products would need no introduction to Tony Moly. Those who are new, just need three words to understand this brand – adorable, affordable, and effective!

The cute packaging of the Dream White Magic Cream is Tony Moly’s signature style. What’s inside this package is no joke either. Containing niacinamide and bamboo shoot extract, this cream brightens the appearance of the skin, gets rid of dark spots, and provides a soothing sensation. The texture of the cream is weightless and spreadable, making it suitable the hottest days. Panda’s Dream Cream can be a part of your morning routine, night-time routine, and can even be worn under the makeup for a naturally radiant and flawless look. Apply the cream regularly and remember, a little goes a long way.

•    DR. JART - V7 Toning Light – Korean Cosmetics in Pakistan

People with sensitive skin have to be extra careful with what they put on their skin, which is why DR. Jart Came Up with the hypoallergenic formula of V7 Toning Light. This product contains seven kinds of vitamins that target hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and acne scars and also evens out the skin tone and give it a glowy look.

Another star ingredient of V7 Toning Light is the liposome capsule which not only stabilizes the cream but also leaves the skin deeply moisturized. Use this as the final step of your skincare routine and follow it with sunscreen at day time and see miraculous results yourself.

•    IT’S SKIN - Secret Solution Wedding Dress White Cream – Korean Cosmetics in Pakistan

If you have a big event coming up and your skin is suffering from the harsh sun, acne spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, and uneven skin tone then Secret Solution Wedding Dress White Cream will come to your rescue. The cream works instantly and transforms the complexion in the most natural way possible.

•    COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask – Korean Cosmetics in Pakistan

To no one’s surprise, one of the most popular brightening masks came from one of the most popular and trusted Korean skincare brands. CosRX is known for its gentle ingredients and effective products. The Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask is 68% rice extract which brightens up the complexion and removes dark spots with regular use. Whereas the seed oil, palm oil, and glycerin deeply nourish the skin leaving it soft and supple.

This 3-in-1 mask can be used as a cream, an overnight mask, or a wash-off mask. Use it in whatever way your skin loves it!
What do you think? Are you ready to say goodbye to spots and uneven skin tone?