I shop online first time...and I choose beauty glance...I was v.worried about the .product..that they should not be fake...But the experience was legit..and all the products are real and same ...thanks to beauty glance...its a great experience...but there is an advice to add beauty tools and straighteners and korean automatic curling wands...???? best of luck...I will recommend you all that just don't think and shop from beauty glance...

Amna Amjad on 08-Aug-2020

Absolutely in love with the cosrx products as these provide sheer formula for better results. Galactomyces 95 power whitening essence i s pure love for : •dry skins •patchy skins •pigmentations •uneven tones Its unique formula gives a glow at instant. I am satisfied with the product as i have sensitive skin and not all products can suit me. I have to be very choosy in selecting products. Use it twice a day!!! If normal skin, once in a day is a happy number. It has sheer, brightening formula. At the same time it reduces scars as well. 100% easy to use No cons at all. But so many advantages. •brighten up the skin •clear scars •hydrates the skin •easy to use as packaging is excellent with a pump. Love ????

Tayyaba Rahim on 29-Jul-2020

I have been using this exfoliant for 9 months and it changed my skin..Definitely gonna buy more products from this site.The products are genuine ones.

Nae_skin on 29-Jul-2020

Cosrx bha power liquid is a popular korean exfoliant. It claims to reduce blackheads formation, reduce sebum production and promote cell turn over. I have been using it since two months. Its a very gentle bha exfoliant compared to paula choice. It leaves skin slightly hydrated and not feeling tight. Gentle enough to be used everyday without experiencing peeling ad with other chemical exfoliants . Its effect on removing minor blackhead is noticeable but stubborn blackheads dont budge to it. It also works to clean and reduce pore size slightly. It can be used daily, overall its a gentle bha liquid, dont expect miracles with it overnight, but it does work slowly and steadily. Hydration:5/10 blackhead removal:6/10 Pore reduction:3/10

Naila Shahab  on 27-Jul-2020

I've been using cosrx low pH BHA overnight mask for the past 2 weeks. I've been dealing with a lot of skin issues this summer. I've had rough patches on my skin, dark spots, dullness. This mask really helped me with my skin in just a few days. It is a perfect moisturizer and a gentle exfoliater. It removed my rough skin patches in 2 days. The texture of my skin is improving. I wake up to plump and healthy looking skin. It provides perfect hydration for the skin. It has very mild BHA, so you shouldn't expect drastic changes in your skin within a day or two. It will take some time, but you'll see amazing results. If you're using this product, then don't use it with other strong BHA or Vitamin C products.

Khansa on 25-Jul-2020

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