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1. Gives vitality to dull and lifeless skin, Creates skin that you can be proud of.

2. 7 patented Anti-inflammatory and immune response modulating capable extracts (Green tea, cinnabar, licorice, chamomile, vinegar, rosemary, and golden)

People with sensitive skin can feel free to use on their skin.

3. Abundant in 3 types of Vitamins!

4. Ceruleanthus cherry flower extract, Alba waterlily flower extract, Matricaria extract, Waxy extract. It moisturizes dry skin and maintains moisture balance. 


Suggested use:
1. On a dry skin apply every where except around eyes and lips.
2. Rub according to the skin texture like you are lightly massaging. (Please take extra care on the areas with more dead skin cells.)
3. When waste is peeled, rinse with warm water so that the skin waste is not left on the face.

Tip. 1-2 times a week are enough but depending on skin condition you can adjust the usage times. After removing the dead skin cell it will supply enough moisture and will help create moist clean skin. 

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